Voter Persuasion Assignment

Whom should we vote for and why?

​- argument - 5 paragraph essay

- framing questions: 

Whom should we vote for and why?

How do we engage in productive civil discourse about candidates?

Overview of Assignment:  In this unit, students will research and choose a candidate to endorse and then write a five paragraph essay persuading others to vote for that individual.  Choosing a candidate to vote for is not merely an assignment; it is the fundamental basis of a democratic society. By researching, discussing, and writing about an election, students are engaging in robust civic discourse.  Even if students are not eligible to vote themselves, they are in a position to convince voters to recommend the best candidate to others.

Teaching Tips:  This assignment can be used for elections at various levels of government, though the assignment relies on students having sufficient access to information about candidates.  At a minimum, the candidates who students are studying should have their own websites that students can analyze.

How can we adapt assignments and activities to keep up with rapidly changing current events?


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